Is Lump Charcoal Better Than Regular Charcoal?

Is Lump Charcoal Better Than Regular Charcoal?

Have you ever gone on Youtube and got sucked into watching videos you had no intention of watching? Yea, me too! I was watching some real estate videos and somehow came across a video where this dude did a test on various hardwood lump charcoals (must be because of my BBQ video watching habits ?). One where the question is asked - Is Lump Charcoal Better Than Regular Charcoal?

I couldn't stop myself from clicking play and before you know it, 16 minutes of my life is gone. I'm a stick-burner on my smoker, but have used lump hardwood charcoal in the past. The video looked intriguing, so I watched it. Honestly, the 16-minute video could have been pared down to about 10 minutes, but it was quite informational and I enjoyed watching it.

If you are a lump hardwood charcoal user, I recommend watching the video. I've embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. Before you click "play", here are a few of my takeaways:

  • Wood type makes a difference - they all claim to be hardwood lump charcoal, but after seeing the test results I'm not so sure. I think some of them slip in soft woods for cost savings.
  • Some charcoals seem to allow for almost any size pieces, making usage and consistency difficult.
  • Not all charcoals are created equal: some burn hotter than others.
  • Not all charcoals are created equal: some burn longer than others.
  • Charcoal is like many things - you get what you pay for.

A very informational and helpful video for all you who use charcoal.

What charcoal do you use? Please share details about it!


For those of you who use charcoal briquettes, below are a couple videos that are pretty enlightening! The first video shows mostly briquettes and a lump hardwood. The second video shows how briquettes are made.

Notice the ingredients added to the mix to make it: anthracite coal, lime, corn starch...and even lighter fluid. Hmmm, those hardwood lumps are looking a bit tastier.

Or better yet, how about just burning wood ?.

This video is older and it's quality is not quite as good.

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