How to Sell Rubs and Seasonings – My First Farmers Market Experience

Sell Rubs and Seasonings

June 5th was my first Farmer's market and my first attempt at selling rubs and seasonings. I put in a few long days in prior to the event to get enough stock ready, to plan the table and set up, and run around getting everything I needed. I set up at Terra Square, home to the Hudsonville Farmer's Market, and got ready to "sell my wares"!

The event went pretty much as I expected. The attendance was decent for our little farmer's market and I was pleased with the response and the sales. Although my wife (and others) have encouraged me to go to some larger local markets, I am not ready. Figuring out production, tweaking everything on a smaller basis will get me comfortable before I think about anything else. Besides that, I love Hudsonville and want to support and help our local market first.

In my previous industry I and my team did lots of trade shows, as vendors as well as attendees. A farmer's market is not unlike a trade show and engaging, conversing with and educating attendees is a familiar thing to me. I enjoy engaging with people and hope to see over time how I can serve people with my products. I also look forward to feedback and more ideas about what people want and if I can create it for them.

As a side note, I am so very pleased with how the product labels look (thanks Advantage Labels). Of course, the most important aspect of what I sell is the quality of what is inside the jar, but people see the product and purchase based on a couple of things, labeling being one of them. Of course, if a person tries my product and loves it, hopefully they tell others and the buzz begins to grow based on what it tastes like, not what the label looks like!

This week, June 12th, will be week 2 and I am excited for it!

See you there.

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  1. Hi there. Came across your experience at the farmers market. I had chills reading it! I want to start my own blend of spices and rubs and not sure where to start as far as manufacturing. Did you blend them at home and label them in order to sell at the market or have a copacker do it for you? If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them on how to get started. I see this post is from 2019. Hope you’ve come a long way since then!

    1. I started under Cottage Law in Michigan. which has certain stipulations, but essentially allows me to create recipes, blend them, package them and sell them. There are limits (Farmer’s Market or in-person sales only, less than $25,000 in sales per year, etc), but it did allow me the last 4 years to create my line of rubs and seasonings, sell them, tweak my offerings, test them prior to creating each and more. I started with 1 rub (Jack’s Blend Original BBQ Rub) and now have a line of 12 rubs and seasonings. I just got my commercial kitchen licensed (It’s my barn/shed that I turned into a licensed kitchen) so I can now sell to other retailers for reselling and more. I also am now starting to cater and sell smoked meats commercially. And all of this from my 1st rub recipe and a Lang Smoker.

      I have come a long way and you can too!! Get started, find out your state’s requirements for Cottage Law sales, go to a Farmer’s Market and start selling!! If I can do it, you can.

  2. I’m also interested in selling my seasoning and non cook vinegar base Mop or marinades. You mentioned $25,000 for your one seasoning! If you have 3 or 4 rubs ….do they allow you to make $25000 on each???

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