Major in Smoking

Minor in Blogging

I love grilling, smoking and cooking, but especially smoking. Firing up Black Betty, preparing meats to smoke and getting the backyard ready for guests are the best days of the summer! Along with that, taking what I learn and sharing it with others feeds my passion to teach.

The Joy of Sharing

"There is an aspect to food preparation that brings great joy - the satisfaction of serving a person something that makes their eyes light up and their tastebuds dance.

"This is what I love. I love preparing and serving food that others delight in. Foods with time spent researching recipes, testing processes, and tasting over and over to achieve deliciousness!"


What Fuels Me

As I look back at my life experience, work history and what I enjoy most, these themes shine through; themes I've discovered fueled me in the past...and still fuel me now:

  • A love for good food and drink.
  • A love for doing things my way.
  • A love of sharing great experiences.
  • A love of community.
  • A love for making people smile.

I love BBQ'ing, grilling and smoking. I enjoy trying new ways to make the foods I serve the best they can be. And I love sharing what works with others. And as I travel down this path, I'll occasionally blog things I hope inspire and help you to do what you do better!

Happy Smokin'!